"Haha I'm an introvert, COVID doesn't bug me! I stay at home all the time anyways!" --Introvert McAloneGuy

It's kind of true, but also kind of not really. There's a difference between staying home because you want to, and staying home because you have to. One is a choice and one is against your will.

Even introverts need to get out of the house sometimes. We need food and Vitamin D pills. We need face-to-face contact with other humans. Maybe we need a lesser amount than many other people, but I'm guessing even for introverts, that amount usually isn't zero. Zero contact is rough.

I'm lucky to have a spouse to spend time with, while we both bunker down hiding from the plague. I can't imagine what people who live alone are going through.

Everyone, spare a thought for the introverts too.

May 17, 2020