Once upon a time I had Google Analytics on all of my websites. One day I realized that it was awfully hypocritical to run GA on my sites when I had GA ad-blocked to oblivion in my own browser. So I removed it. I've been running mostly without analytics since then.

The other day via lobste.rs I read about Plausible.io , which purports to be a privacy-friendly alternative. I looked into it and it seems legit. Nothing on there is anything more than ends up in my server logs. Of course if I learn otherwise, I'll remove it.

In the interest of openness, as Plausible apparently recommends, my analytics are public at https://plausible.io/befuddled.dev . See for yourself how little traffic a blog gets when it it's only updated once every six months.

"What's all this 'ethical' nonsense", you ask? I think tracking people for the purpose of monetizing their behaviour is an invasion of privacy, and fundamentally unethical. Most people don't understand it, don't understand the ramifications of it, and don't (or even can't) give informed consent. It's secretive and manipulative. Advertising is brain pollution.

As a general rule, if a business offers a solid paid service in lieu of selling my soul and the souls of other people to advertisers, I'm all in. Everyone (who's able to) needs to support those kinds of businesses, imho.

July 26, 2020