Today I had my first session with my personal trainer. It lasted an hour and I didn't puke or die. So that's good!

As a completely sedentary lump, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy some things were, and pleasantly shocked by how hard other things were. My body does not bend in certain ways very easily.

One aspect of exercise that I enjoy is the learning. I love to learn how things work, and now I'm learning how human bodies work, which is honestly pretty interesting. I'm learning which exercises are good for which body parts, and how to move and why to move that way. I feel like I'm doing science on my body, and I do like science.

I found a trainer who is veeeeeeeeery understanding regarding my mental hangups and physical limits (asthma). This has been a huge help. I haven't felt intimidated or shameful at how out of shape I a. To any other potatoes looking to start exercising, if you have the benefit of being able to work with a trainer, find someone you really click with, would be my advice.

July 25, 2020