I had a rest day between Day 1 and Day 2. I was expecting my arms to hurt, maybe my back, but they were fine. What wasn't fine were my knees. I was stumbling around groaning and whining like the old man that I'm quickly becoming. Stairs were a bit of a challenge that day. Honestly though, it wasn't too bad. I've felt worse. It's a testament to my trainer knowing when to stop me that I wasn't flat on my back for a week after Day 1.

At my first session, I had some trouble with the Romanian Deadlift. This is unsurprising, since I had never Deadlifted anything in my life. So like the nerd that I am, on my rest day, I looked up diagrams and videos showing how to do it correctly. Needing to know how things work is a compulsion. Hopefully a positive one.

By Day 2 proper, my knees were improved enough that I felt confident going into my second session. For this workout I did the same exercises as Day 1, but with more weight. I'm happy to report that I did the deadlift properly this time. Nerdery pays off. Stay in school, kids. I'm also happy to report that my answer to "could you handle a bit more?" was always "yes". I'm trying to push myself.

By the time I got home from my second session, I felt pretty good about myself. Although I did need my inhaler. Asthma doesn't care about self-esteem. I'm looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow and hopefully continued, measured progress.

July 28, 2020