Things I Did

  • I started blogging again. Starting with a new layout! I don't even want to say how long it took me to come up with something this simple.
  • Recently I started learning classical guitar, which means growing out the fingernails on my right hand (but not the left). It's not annoying yet, but touchscreens are becoming more difficult to use.
  • I started re-reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I love Stephenson's plots, the world building, and all the nerd candy he works into his books. But his characters are so constantly clever and witty it's almost annoying. It breaks immersion.
  • I played most of the way through Sekiro. Dark Souls is my favorite game, so I've been looking forward to Sekiro for a long time, and sadly I ended up a bit disappointed. It's no Dark Souls/Bloodborne. I didn't hit too many roadblocks, but the level of concentration required to play a game this hard is just stressful and mentally taxing.

Things I Found

  • - A cool DB schema diagram generator.
  • Syntorial - Exactly the kind of tutorial about synthesizers that I've always wanted! As an amateur, VSTs are a nightmare of knobs and abbreviations that I don't understand. This series explains a lot of that stuff. I've been rent-to-owning Serum, and I'm looking forward to cranking out some chiptunes.

Things I'm Thinking About

  • What in the world is a good art hosting platform? Art is meant to be shared, but shoving it on my blog feels like no one is ever going to see it. DeviantArt is weird, Artstation is for pros which I am not, Ello looks mostly abandoned, Instagram is evil.
  • So much of the code I write is for work, which means no on will ever see it but a few colleagues. I write code for a research grant, which means the code isn't a product, it's a means to an end. The research itself is shared with the world of course, which feels good, but my code is just a tool we use internally. I've been wanting to write some code to share on its own merits, as code, for a change. What kind of project that would be, I'm not sure yet.
April 07, 2019