Things I Did

  • I waited impatiently while my husband got surgery. All went well.
  • I started playing Dragon Quest 8 on 3DS. It was a good thing to do while waiting around the hospital for dozens of hours. I got into Dragon Quest pretty late, but I'm catching up. After the moderate disappointment of DQ11, I wanted to play the supposedly GOAT that is DQ8. So far I really enjoy it.
  • I talked to my doctor about maybe having ADHD. ~40 years late for a diagnosis, but a lot of things would make a lot of sense if I ended up having it. Now to wait a few months to get in to see a psychiatrist. :(
  • I bought some running shoes. I'm in terrible shape, and walking / running used to be a thing I enjoyed in my early adulthood. Here's hoping I can make it a habit again. Currently I get winded lifting a spoon to my mouth.

Things I Found

Things I'm Thinking About

  • I want to accomplish something "big", or be on the way to doing so, before I hit 40, which is rapidly approaching. There's no reason in particular, it's an arbitrary deadline, but I work well with deadlines. I've accomplished more than young me would've guessed, but not yet as much as future 80-year-old me would've wanted.
  • Maybe I should call these "Monthnotes". Or maybe just get on the ball and write them more frequently!
May 19, 2019