Things I Did

  • I realized I can reach a whole key further on the piano than I could 6 months ago. I can comfortably reach one key past an octave now. All those finger exercises must be paying off.
  • I read Practical Vim, which is a very good book! I learned some things, for sure. It goes deep into how to do very specific, common, bite-sized text editing tasks in idiomatic Vimmy ways.
  • Then I immediately installed Spacemacs. Why, right after reading a Vim book? I figured while I was redoing my Vim config, I might as well dive into a new editor entirely. Maybe some of those Vim tips I picked up will still apply. Emacs just has some very nice things that I miss from my Clojure-hacking days.
  • I put proper Linux on my Surface Book 2, alongside Windows 10. This is the first time I'm using desktop Linux in earnest for quite some many years, and it's pretty nice to be back. It's also a great way to find hardware bugs.
  • Booked some more therapy! Yay therapy!

Things I Found

  • - Kitty is a fast GPU-accelerated terminal emulator. Vimming in this editor feels great. In this world of text editors running in embedded browser engines, it's nice to have low input latency.
  • - on the subject of cats, this is a documentary where they stuck cameras on cats and followed them around for a week. My takeaway is that cats are a lot more adapted to and fond of humans than one might imagine, which surprised me (and I like cats).
  • How to turn on soft wrap in Spacemacs. Just now, while typing this document in Spacemacs. (SPC SPC toggle-truncate-lines-on)

Things I'm Thinking About

  • Feeling lost and confused lately. I could go for a brain transplant! Is that a thing yet?
June 02, 2019