Things I Did

  • I did a lot of traveling this summer. A bit too much, maybe. America is depressing... Seeing friends and family suffer as a result of institutional bullcrap is maddening.
  • Music lesson progress!
    • I can play the first page of a Chopin song fairly competently. Chopin is my endgame for piano, so I'm stoked. It took years to get here. Op. 69 No. 2 isn't a particularly hard piece by Chopin standards, but I love playing it.
    • I'm learning Korobeiniki (aka Tetris Theme A) on classical guitar. I grew my right hand fingernails out again so I can pluck. Strange asymmetrical wizard mode activate.
    • I started violin lessons. As I slowly learn to contort my fingers and try to remember to do 87 things at once, I realize that nothing about a violin was designed with the human body in mind.
  • I discovered some months-old comments on my blog... Apparently some folks are missing my now-defunct old Final Fantasy (NES) website FFClassic. Honestly I didn't anyone know cared that much!
    The info on there is nothing compared to GameFAQs and wikis nowadays. I guess it did have a lot of sprites and some other goofiness. The codebase just bit-rotted to the point where it was kind of painful to keep it running. I'm working on resurrecting it again, for what it's worth. No promises on if/when that might happen.
  • I made my blog orange! And added dark mode (top right of page)! And a new avatar!
  • Been working diligently on mental health stuff. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. I feel like I'm making progress on some things that I've been struggling with for decades.

Things I Found

  • Julia Evans' blog - I'm inspired by both the quality and quantity of good stuff over there. It makes me want to try harder on my own blog. I love her "the front page is a sitemap" style, and plan to copy it shamelessly for my blog going forward.
  • Synthwave wallpapers - Need more neon in your life?
  • Vim plugins! Vim (and Neovim) have added features in the past year or two that enable some killer stuff.
    • markonm/traces.vim - Preview replacements! A killer feature from Spacemacs that I was missing.
    • neoclide/coc.nvim - Enables Vim to use VSCode plugins. This is honestly a game-changer for certain language-specific plugins.
    • FooSoft/vim-argwrap - Swap between single- and multi-line argument style.

Things I'm Thinking About

  • I should enable notifications so I don't miss comments for months at a time, again. 🤦
  • Calling these entries "weeknotes" is laughable, given that I go months without doing it, but I can't think of a better name.
October 14, 2019