Things I Did

  • I rolled up a Linux VM for the first time in a long while. i3 is pretty cool. My Linux desktop needs have severely decreased since I learned to embrace tmux, and i3 in a VM works pretty well!

  • Meanwhile, MacOS Catalina broke a few minor things, like file I/O. I was bitten by this bug in neovim. What are you doing, Apple people? It's sad when vim in a Linux VM on my Mac runs better than the Mac native version of the exact same program.

  • I finished reading Oathbringer. The thing I like about Sanderson's writing is there's almost always a satisfying payoff. If I ever find myself thinking "wow, it'd sure be cool if X happened", it very often does happen.

Things I Found

  • Little Misfortune - Best voice acting in any game? Possibly.

  • A Little Hatred - New book by Joe Abercrombie. I haven't started reading it yet... I have such a love/hate relationship with his writing. It's simultaneously entertaining and depressing. I do think fantasy tropes can border on silly, and it's fun to see them smashed to bits. It's good to see violence treated as it is, as something horrible and mentally damaging, as opposed to heroic. But I also don't need something to make me even more cynical than I already am.
    It makes me think about why I read fantasy in the first place. If it's to escape for a while, then Abercrombie isn't the answer. But if it's to feel something, without expectation about that feeling being strictly and only positive, then undeniably Abercrombie succeeds. If it's to gain insight into the real world, the Abercrombie probably succeeds there too as much as I wish it was otherwise.

Things I'm Thinking About

  • Who to vote for, NDP or Green? It seems like this is going to be a close election. I so desperately hope Canada doesn't go the way of the US. In many, many ways.

  • I studied Buddhism when I was younger, but was turned off by the mysticism and cultural baggage. But recently I discovered Secular Buddhism, which on the surface sounds pretty appealing. Weird to think of myself ever having a religion. I think if I arrive at a religion it'll be this way: first asking "Is it true?" And second, "Is it useful?" A secular religion (weird as that phrase sounds) has a significantly lower bar to jump over the first question.

October 20, 2019