COVID-19 trapped me in my house, and all I got was this lousy blog post!

Things I Did

  • One thing I did not do: leave the house. I've been out approximately once in the past month. Canada doesn't really have it too bad compared to other places, but my asthma and age have me worried.
  • Years ago I got the premium version of Proko's figure drawing course, and I blew through it way too quickly. Thanks to endless amounts of quarantine downtime, I've got plenty of opportunity to go through it again and take my time. I think one of the major things holding me back in drawing in general is not study references often enough or closely enough. A lot of drawing advice YouTube videos come down to "look, the reference does this, your version does this".
  • Books read:
    • SQL Antipatterns by Bill Karwin. Every antipattern in there is something I've seen in the wild, or created myself.
    • How to Draw by Scott Robertson. It looks like a book about drawing cars, but what it really is is an extremly well-done and detailed series of exercises to learn how to draw anything, in perspective. I can see why this is considered essential reading by many.
    • Players Making Decisions - I'm still working on this one, but so far so good. What makes a game fun? How can you playtest effectively? What is flow? This is a book about those sorts of meta-game-programming questions.
  • I played through the entirety of Final Fantasy VII Remake. That game was a formative part of my childhood, and my expectations are almost impossibly high, but it still managed to meet or exceed them. We truly live in the future.
  • I re-branded this blog, in case you haven't noticed: BEFUDDLED.DEV. It's what I am! Perpetually befuddled.

Things I'm Thinking About

  • Canada is doing an OK job of taking care of people who need it, unlike some other countries I could name. I'm thankful for what I have, e.g. my job. I'm trying to stay very very cautiously optimistic that the world can stay on the "best case scenario" side of things.
  • Intellij is freaking sweet. I really need to blog about that in detail.
April 30, 2020